Sir Clavius

The ruggedly attractive, sworn knight of Lucius Manister.


Clavius met the party in The River Delta as he was heading toward The Great Forest. He revealed that an illness had befallen Lucius Manister, and Lucius’ uncle, Darius, had disappeared. He further explained that he was searching for answers that would save Lucius, and after some tense exchanges, Clavius joined up with the party after they explained that they, too, were looking for answers to the mysterious illness. During their first meal together in The Whispering Plains, Mouse poisoned Clavius with Goldenroot, thus instilling false trust within the knight toward Mouse.

Clavius met his untimely death in Dani’s Deep where he was overtaken by orcs as he aided the party in escaping during a cavern quake.

Sir Clavius

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